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The holy-grail humbucker.

This is, beyond question the tone that launched the sound of Rock-n-Roll electric guitar as we know it … and oh so much more!
While original PAF specs and tone varied significantly, Vaugnh has chosen the best of the best, for impeccable PAF tone. Warm & sweet, yet clear and defined, that's the 1957 Historic PAF.
These pickups are for you if you get your dirt from your pedals and/or amp and want a humbucker tone that is rich in complex harmonics and cleans up in a downright stunning manner.
These are tremendously versatile; on one extreme, when played clean through a non-master volume Fender you get the tone Les Paul himself originally envisioned and folks like Chet Adkins milked for all it was worth. Turn up the volume on a tweed-era Fender and you get Freddie King tone. Play it with a slide ala Duane Allman. A little more gain? How about Tom Scholz, Gary Moore, man … the list goes on forever, Joe Bonamassa, Keith Urban, The Edge, even all the way to the famous high=gain Marshall JCM800 tones of Slash and the super-shredding of Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates. Yea … tremendously versatile indeed.

“best of” vintage specs include:
• Vintage correct size 1 15/16" (49.2mm) bobbins (all black)
• Vintage red Enamel 42ga copper magnet wire, wound to position calibrated historic 1957 specs.
• Vintage correct 2.5’’ x 0.5’’ x 0.13’’ sand cast AlNiCo II bar magnets.
• Vintage correct 1.5" x 2.75" covers, in bare nickle,
• Vintage pickup height tension conical springs
• Vintage Nickel Pickup height adjustment screws
• Vintage Braided Shielded Push-Back Cloth wireleads
• Historic aging treatment.
• Light historic wax potting, for true-1957 tone without microphonics.

Average Resistance & Induction at 70-degrees F:
• Bridge: 8.5 K/6.1 Henrys
• Neck: 7.7 K/5.0 Henrys

(IMPORTANT: Specs change with temperature and many other conditions/variables, especially RESISTANCE. NEVER use resistance as a firm indicator of a pickups output, tone, or anything else!)

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