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Celestion 12" PA Speakers

Celestion 12" PA speakers are a result of rigorous research and development and offer fantastic value for money. From meticulous sonic evaluation to the careful specification of all critical components,

The 12" TF range represents the apex of speaker technology at this level and use rigid pressed steel chassis with ferrite magnets.
These Celestion PA 10" drivers can be used as replacements and upgrades for PA speakers from most cabinet manufacturers. The Truvox range can also be used in Bass Guitar Cabinets.

The Truvox TN offers a lightweight alternative to the TF series. From the Celestion development team that pioneered the use of Neodymium in a high power professional driver comes this advanced range of pressed steel loudspeakers utilising the same powerful magnet technology.

Celestion NTR cast-aluminium drivers achieve linear excursion via optimised suspension geometry and magnet topology, providing application-specific control and delivering amore low frequency output, reduced distortion and increased longevity. The NTR has dditional features include intelligent heat management, high power-to-weight ratio and compact chassis designs for close mounting in arrays. In summary the Celestion NTR PA drivers offer cabinet designers and builders high quality speakers that are the perfect partner for Celestion's compression drivers and FTR sub woofers

FTR is Celestion's premier range of 12" and 18" bass speakers, representing the next generation of premier quality, professional bass and mid-range loudspeakers. These high-power, die cast aluminium chassis drivers incorporate a number of innovations that together combine to deliver groundbreaking performance.