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Celestion FTR Cone Repair Kits

Celestion have designed the FTR loudspeaker range for high-end sound reinforcement applications, Celestion FTR aluminium chassis, Ferrite magnet drivers feature a Smart Chassis Design and wet wound Inside/Outside Voice Coils for efficient cooling, reducing thermal compensation and minimising distortion.

The Celestion FTR's offer exceptional BL and stiffness (K) symmetry further contribute to low distortion, while FEA-optimised magnet topology reduces inductance, also minimising distortion. The FTRs use water-resistant, glass fibre impregnated cones with sealed surrounds and added damping for reduced cone resonances. FTR-HDX drivers are among the lightest in their class. Celestion loudspeaker's now offer the following cone repair kits:

Celestion FTR12-3070C

Celestion FTR15-3070C

Celestion FTR15-4080HDX

Celestion FTR18-4080FD

Celestion FTR18-4080HDX