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MONTAGE Guitar Cabinets

Offering premium quality and flexibility at fantastic prices, MONTAGE INTRO Series & MONTAGE PRO Series Guitar Cabinets.

Montage INTRO cabinets are amazingly priced, yet manufactured to high standards and feature 18mm 13 ply Light weight birch plywood throughout, professional coverings, handles and feet.

Montage PRO cabinets are manufactured in England to the highest standards and feature 18mm 13 ply high density birch plywood throughout, professional coverings, die-cast handles and custom-made trim.

Buy your cabinet 'empty' or let Lean-Business load the speakers, simply 'choose your tone with the guitar speaker of your choice' from our range of market leading products. Selecting any of the leading brand guitar speakers will give you a discounted package price and Lean-Business will also 'load & wire' your cabinet for free!
Options include whether or not to take advantage of a reduced price sonic diffuser for your cabinet.

It's a simple as: order the cabinet: select the speaker, we will then send the finshed cabinet ready to use at no extra charge.

This service is unique to Lean Business, so contact us if you have any questions or would like a configuration that you don't see listed. We will be happy to advise.

MONTAGE Guitar Cabinets are Exclusive to Lean Business and all cabinets are supplied with a 1 year warranty.