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EVM & PRO Guitar Speakers

Untitled Document Electro-Voice claim that the EVM12L is "the world's greatest guitar speaker" and with a huge list of legendary guitarists endorsing the 12L, who can argue?
The EVM 12L is available in two versions, the Classic and the Black label (played be Zakk Wylde)
EV also developed a 10" driver that contained the same DNA called the EVM10L.

LEAN also offers the 12NMB420, 12W500, and 10NMB500 manufactured by Eighteen Sound, that share the same tonal EVM principles.
Like the EVM's these loudspeakers use, sophisticated magnet designs with rear venting, light cone, 2.5" coil and cast frames. The result is range of guitar speakers that deliver a clean and neutral
tone with robust tour resistant reliability.