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Matrix XT2004 Power Amplifier x4 Channels 500watt @ 4ohm

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Designed and built in the UK

The 4 channel Matrix XT2004 class AB amplifier offer unbeatable performance in a lightweight and compact 2U package. The Matrix XT2004 boasts 500 watts per channel and the legendary Matrix sound quality and reliability. Primarily designed for middle ground applications - driving mid-tops, high power tweeter arrays and subwoofers. All in a package weighing just 8.6kg. Unbeatable performance at an unbeatable price.

Matrix's XT2004, XT4004 and XT6004 are 2U lightweight four channel class AB amplifiers and use our state of the art Switched-Mode Power Supply technology. Matrix's unique class AB MOSFET output stage ensures the output transistors can make the most of their power supply, delivering huge current output and unrivalled control of the loudspeaker cone.

Extensive protection circuitry ensures the amplifier is protected from loudspeaker short-circuits and mis-wiring. This is completely transparent to the audio signal, and, unlike almost all other forms of amplifier protection, will not affect the sound quality of the amplifier in any way while it is operating within specification.

Cooling is made more efficient with our unique turbulated heatsink design, forced-air cooled with two dual speed temperature controlled 80mm long-life fans. Low thermal mass keeps the amplifier weight down and gets the heat out quickly. Cold air is sucked in from the front, and exhausted at the back. The amplifier has fully balanced XLR inputs and Neutrik Speakon NL4/NL2 output sockets and is connected to the mains by a fused Powercon inlet.

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Number of channels

Power Output RMS 2ohm NA
Power Output RMS 4ohm

500W Per Channel
Power Output RMS 8ohm 1000w Per Channel
Power Output Bridged Mode 8ohm NA
Power Output Bridged Mode 4ohm NA
Supply Voltage

230V 15%
Average Supply Current, Full load
Mains Connector

Frequency Response (3dB ref 1kHz) 8Hz - 24kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref full power, 1kHz) 99dB
THD (1kHz, full power) 0.07%
THD (20Hz - 20kHz, full power) <0.1%
Slew Rate 65V/s
Damping Factor (ref. 8R, 100Hz)
Cooling (Temperature Controlled Dual Speed Fan)

2x 80mm Fan
Cooling Direction Front to Back
Dimensions, mm 482 x 88 x 370
Weight 8.1kg

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