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MAGIC HARP ECHO Harmonica Delay Pedal


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MAGIC Harp Echo Harmonica Delay Pedal

Handmade in the UK.
Harp Echo is designed specifically for harmonica and to work with most amplifiers used by harp players. This pedal was created with the help of blues harmonica player Keith Parker. Being voiced with harmonica in mind, it helps to create the often elusive sounds of yesteryear. It is compatible with crystal, dynamic, vintage and modern microphones. For a world-class sound, pair this pedal with one of our 2120 series harmonica amplifiers

•Delay Time 40ms to 300ms

•Input Impedance 1 Meg Ohm

•Output Impedance 100 Ohms

•Signal to Noise Ratio 90dB typical

•Dry Signal Frequency Response 20Hz to 18kHz

•Powered by 1x 9V battery or 200mA Power Supply

•Full 1 Year Warranty


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