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MAGIC 2010 Twin Harmonica Amplifier 18 Watts


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MAGIC 2010 Twin Harmonica Amplifier 18 Watts

Handmade in the UK.
Named after the address of the legendary Chess Records based in Chicago, Illinois, this amp will give you ‘that’ Chicago sound that you have been looking for. 2120 Twin is fine 2 x 8” hand wired harmonica amplification, for the harmonica player developed with the help of Keith Parker.

Power output: 18 Watts RMS into 16 ohms

Pre amp: 2 x ECC83

Push Pull: 2 x 6L6 in class AB, cathode biased

Line out

2 Custom Blues 8” Speakers

Weight: 17.1kg

Full 5 year warranty



Each of Magic's amplifiers is designed and constructed to the highest standards. Magic only use quality components and materials to ensure rugged structural integrity and superb sound quality. For this reason, each 2120 Twin comes with a full 5 year warranty as standard.

There are no valve rectifiers to be seen here - and for a very good reason.

Valve rectifiers are not able to provide a consistent voltage when they’re under load. This means that an amplifier will sound much less punchy at the bottom end due to poor voltage regulation.This severely affects the mid to low range response at higher volume levels. When more power is needed, the amplifier will give you less.

In the 2120 Twin we have used far more reliable solid state rectifiers.They have virtually no internal resistance, so the power will be there when you need it. That is what will give you a superb bass response and that all important mid range punch.


Speakers can make all the difference. No matter how good an amplifier is, finding the right speaker is key to finding the right sound. For this reason each amplifier uses two custom hand crafted speakers for the optimum sound quality. Our amp and speakers were made for each other - quite literally!


From the black corners to the brushed stainless steel control panel, everything about this amp looks timeless. As a final touch, each amp is donned with an etched and enamelled name badge.


The cabinet is made of 15mm marine grade birch plywood for strength and durability. The chassis are made of 3mm thick welded aluminium alloy. Not only does this make them incredibly strong, yet incredibly light, the electrical grounding and thermal conductivity is far superior to the more commonly used steel.

The 2120 Twin is available in a classic smooth blonde finish as standard.

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