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SB AUDIENCE BIANCO-25CD-P 1" 8ohm Ferrite Compression Driver



SB AUDIENCE BIANCO-25CD-P 1" 8ohm Ferrite Compression Driver 20 Watt, 25.4mm VC, Polytherimide Dome
  • Exremely light weight PEI diaphragm
  • Smooth response with airy detailed highs
  • High sensitivity and compact design
PRO Product 3
Speaker Type Compression Driver
Dome Material Polytherimide
Qty/Box 8
Throat Diameter (mm) 25.4
Overall Diameter (mm) 90
Mounting Screw Diameter (mm) 34.4
Mounting Holes Diameter (mm) -
Depth (mm) 56.3
Net Weight (kg) 0.84
Shipping Box (mm) 129x113x78
Gross Weight (kg) 0.9
Nominal Impedance (Ohm) 8
RDC 5.5
AES Power Handling (W) 20
Maximum Power Handling (W) 40
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 107
Freq Range (Hz) 1000-20000
Reccomended Crossover Frequency (kHz) 2.5
Voice Coil Diameter (mm) 25
Winding Material,Former Material Copper Clad Aluminium, Kapton
Winding Depth (mm) 1.78
Magnetic Gap Depth (mm) 2
Diaphgram material Polyetherimide (PEI)
Flux Density (T) 1.7
Magnet Ferrite
Demodulation -
Phase plug Design Radial slits
Exit Angle (conical) 8.22
NET Air Volume filled by driver (liters) 0.29

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