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MONTAGE PRO 15" Bass Guitar Cabinet FULL RANGE

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Designed for the open minded and not for the feint hearted.

The 115FR's performance can be compared to a 1x15"/4x10" stack or 8x10" but it is half the size!!!

The cabinet is designed to be compact and highly portable and without compromise on quality.

Montage have coupled a professional co axial 15" loudspeaker and a custom high specification crossover to produce a bass guitar cabinet that sets a new standard.

The coaxial has a 2" compression driver that averages 106dB throughout the midrange band, louder than any combination of 4x10 drivers
The 15" driver is a very efficient 99dB, allowing high sound levels at low watts.

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How can a small cabinet be as loud as a 1x15"/4x10" stack or 8x10"?

Extreme power handling in a lighter package. Higher SPL per weight/bulk are provided by the woofer and compression driver coaxial combination. Each receiving their share of the power automatically controlled by high tolerance crossover network that seperates frequency bands, delivering more output to each driver before distortion and power compression take hold.

Employing a woofer specifically engineered to reproduce lower frequencies smoothly and without over-excursion and tonally balanced.

Superior off-axis response due to the 15" woofer's horn effect created be the coaxial loading of the mid/high range unit. This disperses these frequencies on a wider plane and before beaming limits kick in resulting in wider dispersion for a better stage mix.

The Coaxial cones offers a constant directivity waveguide for the highest frequencies which contribute better uniformity to the already superior power response.

Upper reach occurs without the brittle shrillness that cheap unsophisticated horn geometries exhibit.

As a result of the mid band and high band being from the same source there are no frequency gaps between drivers

HIGH efficiency means a lower wattage amplfier can be used to produce equivalent volumes.

The tonal profile that supports without encouraging volume wars with or without PA coverage. Unlike conventional bass cabs with their exaggerated peaks and deep gaps, Montage 115FR voicing can be tailored to just about any preference. Simply adjust your mid and high frequency balance with the amp if you want a different sonic personality.

600 Watt RMS, 8ohm
Lightweight compact design
Baltic Birch Plywood throughout
Internal bracing for superior structural strength without colouration
Hard wearing 'two part' rubber impregnated paint.
Powder coated steel grille.
Durable rubber feet.
Fitted back plate with combination NL4 and 1/4" Jack sockets

External Dimensions 58cm x 50cm x 40cm
18mm baffle and rear panel, 15mm walls.
Frequency Range 35Hz to 16000Hz
Weight 26kg

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