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LD Systems DAVE Portable Active Subwoofer 12"


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LD Systems DAVE Portable Active Subwoofer 12"


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Due to the volume of demand LD Systems have released the powered subwoofer from the Dave12+ set as a single unit. The ASUB12 has an integrated 300W amplifier as well as protective circuits and a limiter as in the Dave12+ set. The ASUB12 can be combined with different satellite systems (also from other suppliers) or as an extension to the Dave12+ set in case more bass is required.

Model: LD Systems DAVE Portable Active Subwoofer 12+
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Amplifier Module and Subwoofer Specifications:

Load capacity (RMS/max): 1 x 350W (700W)
2 x Combo
2 x RCA Phono
Output: 2 x XLR (Fullrange or 100 Hz HiPass)
Additional features:
180 Phase Reverse
ON/OFF Switch
Clip Limiter
Low Pass Frequency (80 - 200 Hz)
Loudspeaker: 12" long extension custom made
Frequency range: 38-200 Hz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1m)/max: 100/122 dB
Housing: 15 mm birch plywood black PU
Dimensions:450 mm x 500 mm x 520 mm

In the DAVE 12+ system the sub is the most sophisticated component, as it includes all the electronics, The Sub measures 450 x 510 x 500mm and houses a single 12-inch driver rated at 300W RMS and powered by an amplifier rated at 300W continuous or 600W peak. Also included in the electronics pack is a pair of 100W amplifiers (200W peak) to drive the tops via conventional Speakon cables, though the review system came without cables, so I guess you have to buy your own. A latching IEC mains lead is provided, which should help avoid accidental disconnection mid gig. And side carry handles are built into the woodwork, so there are no plastic handles to work loose and rattle. The overall weight of the sub is 29kg, which, though quite substantial, is reasonably easy to manage using the handles provided, as long as you observe correct lifting procedures. A standard 36mm pole top hat is built into the top of the sub, allowing one of the satellites to be mounted using a standard pole.
Set into the recessed wooden rear panel is a large metal plate holding the electronics and also doubling as a heat sink for the power modules. Four ventilation grilles are arranged along the top, with an inlet fan in the centre of the panel, and judging by the large bolt head that almost certainly holds a toroidal transformer in place, it seems likely that the amplifiers use conventional analogue technology rather than Class D. During my tests the fan was either very quiet or didnt come on until the system was working hard. Either way, fan noise wont be an issue. While Class-D amplifiers have the advantage of being very light and powerful, they can be very difficult to repair in the event of failure, so theres a lot to be said for simple and safe, even if it does weigh a bit more. A nominal 40Hz to 150Hz frequency range is quoted for the sub.
By way of connections, theres a pair of balanced combi XLR/jacks for the inputs, along with unbalanced RCA phonos, so you have all the commonly used options available. XLRs are also provided to link the input signal through to further systems should this be required. Two Speakons (two wire) feed the satellites in stereo, whereas the sub receives a mono feed of signals below 150Hz or thereabouts. A phase switch allows the subs phase to be flipped, which may be beneficial in some locations, and there are two separate level controls for the sub level and the main or overall system level. Setting the sub level at around its mid position is recommended (by the handbook) to produce the best frequency balance, but with recorded music played from my iPod I found the best subjective balance was achieved with it set only around one third of the way up. An illuminated power switch is sited next to the IEC inlet and theres also a separate red power LED. If the electronic protection kicks in for any reason for example, a shorted speaker cable a rear panel red warning LED comes on.

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