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FaitalPRO HF1440 8ohm 120watt 1.4" NEO Compression Driver



Faital PRO HF1440 8ohm 1.4" throat NEO Compression Driver
The FaitalPRO HF1440 1.4" NEO Compression Driver uses a keytone polymer based ring or annular diaphragm enabling the this HF unit to produce wide frequency band.

Useable from 700Hz to 20000Hz translates into a speaker that can be used in high end Hifi applications as well as PA applications,
Designed & manufatured in Italy and provided exclusively by Lean Business, this FaitalPRO compression driver comes complete wth 2 years warranty.

See specification tab for technical details or Click HERE for full details and response curves. (opens in new window)

Model: FaitalPRO HF1440

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Throat Diameter

1.4", 35.6mm
Nominal Impedance

8 ohms
AES Power Rating


Frequency Range

Voice Coil Diameter

Former Material

Magnet Gap Depth

Flux Density

2.2 T
Magnet Composition

90 Mounting Holes Diameter (4xM6)

102mm, 4.02"
Overall Diameter

124mm, 4.9"
Speaker Depth

75mm, 3"
Diaphragm Material

Ketone Polymer
Unit Weight 5.3lbs, 2.4kg

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