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Eminence Designer Software


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Untitled Document Eminence Designer is a state-of-the-art loudspeaker enclosure design program for PCs. It can calculate a box design that will bring out the best response from a loudspeaker in seconds — it can even suggest a box for your loudspeaker!

Eminence Designer models closed, vented, bandpass, and passive radiator boxes. It will print box designs and graphs for a professional presentation.

Eminence Designer is quick to learn and easy to use -

•Enter the speaker parameters (for Eminence speakers, simply select the model; other speaker parameters can be entered manually).
•Calculate the box volume and tuning. This is very easy with the help of the "Suggest" box.
•Evaluate the performance with any of the nine graphs.

When the program is first run, a "Welcome" window will appear to help you configure the program and to guide you through its illustrated online manual. The online manual contains a "Box Designers Guide" to help beginners learn about sound, speakers and box design. A "Reference" section describes every feature of the program.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, XP, NT4 or later. IBM PC with a Pentium processor (or equivalent) with at least 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended), Min 17MB HD space (24MB recommended) and a CD-R compatible CD/DVD drive.

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