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CIARE HW205 8ohm 200 watt 8ohm 8" Loudspeaker



CIARE HW205 8ohm 8" 200 watt High End Mid-Bass and Bass Speaker

The Ciare HW205 is a high quality 8" speaker ideal for monitor standard midbass and bass
The strong motor provided by a super size ferrite magnet offers a high BL that delivers optimum cone control
The HW205 has a 6mm Xmax but can still maintain a 35-5kHz range without compromise to fidelity.
The mid range is pronounced and clear whilst the bass smooth and controlled
Ideal for high end PA cabinets, hifi and Monitor loudspeaker designs.

Designed & manufactured in Italy.

Model: HW205

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General Specifications
Nominal Diameter 8" - 200 mm
Nominal Impendance 8 Ohm
Nominal Rdc 6 Ohm ±0,4 Ohm
Power handling (AES) (*) 200 Watt
Max Power 400 Watt
Voice Coil Diameter 50 mm 2,00 in
S.P.L. (1w, 1m) 91 dB ±1,5 dB
Nominal Fs 46 Hz ±7 Hz
Flux Density 10.05 T ±0,08 T
Frequency Range 35-5000 Hz

Thiele-small parameters
Qms 6.14
Qes 0,45
Qts 0,.42
Fs 46.7 Hz
Re 6 Ohm
Mms 26.05 g
Bl 10.05 Wb/m
Sd 0,022 m2
Vas 0,02593 m3
u0 0.56 %
XMax 6 mm
Le 0.141 mH

Weight 3,3 kg
Overall Diameter 209.5 mm
Overall Depth 101 mm
Baffle Cut Diameter 182 mm
Mounting holes number 4
Mounting holes diameter 5 mm
Mounting bolt diameter 198.5 mm

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