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Celestion LH6040R 2" 60 x 40 Wide Bandwith Horn



Celestion LH6040 2" 60 40 wide bandwidth horn

Celestion have designed the LH6040 large format horn to demonstrate the full potential of the Celestion Axi Perodic 2050, however the horn can be used with any 2" compresson driver.

The horn is handmade in the UK and is contructed from a hardwearing fibre glass with a gloss black finish.

Cut off frequency 400hz
Wall thickness 15mm
Horn type Exponential
Radiation pattern 60 x 40
Horn material Fibre glass
Mounting plate 4 x M7 holes on 102mm/4.01in PCD
Throat exit 50.2mm/2in
Height 832mm/32.75in
Width 759mm/29.9in
Depth (excluding Axi 2050) 605mm/23.8in
Weight 12.25kg/27lbs

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