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Celestion Easylife Active Crossover



Celestion Easylife Active Crossover New and Boxed!

Designed to fit between your mixer and your amplifier the Easylife crossover can be set at 80Hz, 130Hz or 200Hz.
It is ideal for controlling sub and bass signals from the MID/HI It has x2 inputs and 3 outputs (x1 sub/bass x2 Mid/Hi)

Active soft clipping Easylife is shipped with the limiter calibration turned fully clockwise (minimum).
Input signal levels above +6dB are attenuated by the limiter circuitry, from a gentle -4dB to a more dramatic -12dB at maximum setting.
Crossover points can be adjusted by adding or removing jumpers as shown on the PCB.

The Easylife is shipped in the 130Hz setting!!

Note: UK Voltage version
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