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18 Sound XR1464C Constant Coverage HF Horn (1.4" Throat)



18 Sound XR1464C 1.4" Throat Constant Coverage HF Horn

1.4 inch throat entry
High damping composite structure
Uniform on-axis and off-axis frequency response
60° x 40° horizontal and vertical constant coverage
Very low distortion at high sound pressure
Optimized weight thanks to composite material
Rotatable structure

Designed & manufactured in Italy and provided exclusively on-line by Lean Business, this Eighteen Sound product comes complete wth a 1 year warranty.

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Model: 18 Sound XR1464

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Throat Diameter 35,5 mm (1,4 in)
Horizontal Coverage (-6dB) 60° (10 ÷ -2) average range (1,25kHz - 12,5kHz)
Vertical Coverage (-6 dB) 40° (25 ÷ 0) average range (1,25kHz - 12,5kHz)
Directivity Index 11 dB (2 ÷ -1) average range (1,25kHz - 12,5kHz)
Usable Frequency Range Above 800 Hz
Recomm. Cross.Frequency 800 Hz or more
Sensitivity (on axis) 110 dB
Frequency Range 800 Hz ÷ 18KHz
Material High Density Composite

Mouth Height 270 mm (10,6 in)
Mouth Width 270 mm (10,6in)
Depth 180 mm (7,1 in)
Mouth Mounting Dimensions 8 ø 6 holes
Net weight 1,9 Kg (4 lb)

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