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18 Sound 21LW2500 1500watt 8ohm Extended LF Ferrite Driver



18 Sound 21LW2500 1600watt 8ohm 21" Extended LF Ferrite Subwoofer 8ohm

95 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
100 mm (4 in) Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
3200W program power handling
70 mm (2,76 in) peak to peak excursion
Ultra linear dual magnet motor design
Composite reinforced straight ribbed cone
Optimized high grade ferrite magnet assembly
Recommended for subwoofer usage in compact vented enclosures

The Eighteen Sound 21LW2500 is a 21" (533 mm) extended low frequency loudspeaker, designed for use in vented enclosures. The loudspeaker is designed to withstand high power levels without damage while providing clean and undistorted LF reproduction at a very high SPL.
For optimum results we recommend amplifiers able to deliver 3600 Watt program power.
The 21LW2500 features a unique motor featuring a high grade ferrit magnet assembly in a structure optimized for thermal and magnetic efficiency.
21LW2500 features include a large displacement suspension system which, in conjunction with a composite reinforced, straight ribbed cone and the Eighteen Sound proprietary Double Silicon Spider (DSS) technology, allows an ultra-linear piston action and provides full mechanical control across the entire working range.
The 100mm (4 in) state-of-the-art voice-coil utilizing Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology, provides high levels of thermal stability and durability.
The ISV technology achieves a balanced linear motor unit exerting an exceptionally high force factor.

Designed & manufatured in Italy and provided exclusively by Lean Business, this Eighteen Sound speaker comes complete wth 2 years warranty.

See specification tab for technical details or Click HERE for full details, response curves and Thiele & Small parameters. (opens in new window)

Model: 18 Sound 21LW2500

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Nominal Diameter 533 mm (21 in)
Rated Impedance
8 Ohm
AES Power
1600 W
Program Power
3200 W
Peak Power
7200 W Sensitivity 95 dB
Frequency Range
Power Compression
@-10dB 0,57 dB
Power Compression
@-3dB 2,1 dB
Power Compression
@Full Power 3,2 dB
Max Recomm. Frequency
200 Hz
Recomm. Enclosure Volume
130 - 500 lt (4.59-17.7 cuft)
Minimum Impedance
6,1 Ohm @ 25°
Max Peak To Peak Excursion
70 mm (2,76 in)
Voice Coil Diameter
100 mm (4 in)
Voice Coil winding material
Copper wire
Triple roll, Heavy Polycotton
Curved ribbed fiber loaded cellulose

Thiele Small Parameters

Fs 29 Hz
4,9 Ohm
0,166 sq.m (175,15 sq.in)
305 lt. (10,77 cu.ft)
380 gr. (0,83 lb)
30 Tm
Linear Mathematical
Xmax ±14 mm (±0,55 in)
(1kHz) 2,58 mH
Ref. Efficiency
1W@1m (half space) 95,4 dB

Mounting information

Overall diameter 545 mm (21,46 in)
N. of mounting holes and bolt
Mounting holes diameter
8,5 mm (0,33 in)
Bolt circle diameter
520 mm (20,47 in)
Front mount baffle cutout
ø 492 mm (19,37 in)
Rear mount baffle cutout
ø 490 mm (19,29 in)
Total depth
252 mm (9,92 in)
Flange and gasket thickness
18 mm (0,7 in)
Net weight
17,9 kg (39,4 lb)
Shipping weight
19,4 kg (42,7 lb)
Packaging Dimensions
19,4 kg (42,7 lb)

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