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18 Sound 18NLW4500 8ohm 18" 1500w NEO Extended LF Speaker



Eighteen Sound 18NLW4500 8ohm 18" 1500watt Neo 4.5” Extended low frequency transducer

115mm (4.5in) Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
Weather protected cone and plates
Great heat dissipation capability
Ultra linear suspension system
Neo motor for high power and very efficient thermal exchange
Single demodulating ring (SDR) for distortion reduction and maximum SPL

Designed & manufactured in Italy and provided exclusively by Lean Business, this Eighteen Sound speaker comes complete wth 2 years warranty.

See specification tab for technical details or Click HERE for full details, response curves and Thiele & Small parameters. (opens in new window)

Model: 18 Sound 18NLW4500

note: Price includes VAT

Nominal Diameter 460 mm (18 in)
Rated Impedance 8 Ohm
AES Power 1500 W
Program Power 3000 W
Peak Power 7000 W
Sensitivity 95.5 dB

Fs 34 Hz
Re 4.9 Ohm
Sd 0.1225 sq.m.
Qms 9.6
Qes 0.3
Qts 0.29
Vas 173 lt.
Mms 267 g.
BL 30.7 Tm
Xmax 16 mm
Le (1Khz) 2 mh
Ref. Efficiency (half space) 2.2%

Overall diameter 462 mm
Mounting holes 8
Holes diameter 8.5 mm
Bolt circle diameter 440 mm
Baffle cutout (front) 416 mm
Baffle cutout (back) 422 mm
Total depth 236 mm
Net weight 14 Kg

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