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18 Sound 03708XCR00 Crossover for 8CX401F, 8CX400


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18 Sound 8CX401F Crossover

Perfect phase and Frequency response match for 8CX401F coaxial speaker
Passive "ready to use" configuration
Highest quality components
Reinforced Resistances Polypropylene condensers

Model: 18 Sound 03708XCR00

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The XOVER 8CX401F crossover network has been specifically designed specificall with the 8CX401F neodymium coaxial speaker.

Employing the highest quality components such as Reinforced Resistances and Polypropylene Condensers for maximum reliability and sound quality, the 8CX401F XOVER is your choice for who is looking for a "ready to use" package with an ideal phase and frequency response. The crossover includes an on-board dynamic HF driver protection circuit.

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