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Tayden TRUE BRIT 12" Guitar Speaker 4ohm


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Designed and Hand-made in the UK, the Tayden TRUE BRIT recreates the classic 1970s British blues/rock guitar sound.
Based on the Tayden 'M' Series the True Brit guitar speaker offers vintage 1970's creamy blues tones that will deliver a warmth to any vintage guitar combo. Designed to create the sound of an old Marshall or Selmers etc, the True Brit is for guitarists that relish a smooth overdriven sound.

The True Brit combines warm mids with an understated, articulate low end and acurate and full high end. The result is a loudspeaker that has a tonal style synonymous with 1970's guitar legends.

This is the 4ohm version and offers the following loading options
1X12"= 4ohm
2X12" Parallel =2ohm
2X12" Series =8ohm
4X12" Parallel =1ohm
4X12" Series =16ohm

Price includes VAT.

Nominal diameter

12", 305mm
Power Rating

Nominal impedance


Chassis type Pressed Steel
Voice coil diameter
1.75", 44.5mm
Magnet type

Frequency Range 75Hz-5000Hz
Resonance freq. 75Hz
Unit Weight 4.0kg

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