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Tayden ACE 25 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker 16ohm


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Designed and Hand-made in the UK, the Tayden ACE 25 Alnico guitar speaker has been developed to be used in VOX AC15 and AC30 amps, perfect for replica combo builders and guitar cab restorers alike.
Based on the early loudspeakers used in the VOX amps the ACE 25 guitar speaker has a clear and acurate top end, a warm smooth mid and delibrately restrained low end.

This is the 16ohm version and offers the following loading options
1X12"= 16ohm
2X12" Parallel =8ohm
2X12" Series =32ohm
4X12" Parallel =4ohm
4X12" Series =64ohm

Price includes VAT.

Nominal diameter

12", 305mm
Power Rating

Nominal impedance


Chassis type Pressed Steel
Voice coil diameter
1.75", 44.5mm
Magnet type

Frequency Range 75Hz-5000Hz
Resonance freq. 75Hz
Unit Weight 4.0kg

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