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Palmer TRIAGE - Amp Selector


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Palmer TRIAGE Amp Selector - One into Three


The PALMER TRIAGE is THE selector box. With the Triage you can selectively route one guitar signal on to three different amps per footswitch. The Palmer Triage has a fourth switch (SIDEKICK) makes it possible to select a second amp in addition to the one that is already activated. All Triage outputs are transformer isolated, so that no ground loop humming can occur. Each output is equipped with a buffer amp for the volume, meaning the signal can be boosted by up to 12 dB (quadruple the amplification). In addition each output has a phase switch with which you can flip the phase of the signal by 180. This is a very useful feature since it prevents cancellations that can occur when two amps with different phasing are played simultaneously. Each output also has a ground lift switch.

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Palmer presents the 3-EASY, an economy version of the TRIAGE router, guaranteed to leave an impression.

The Triage features the renowned quality of our T-Series it switches the input signal (eg that of a guitar) between 3 outputs. For increased dynamic response and headroom the 3-EASY steps up the 9V power supply to approximately 30V.

Switching is silent and instantaneous, the Triage achieve this by processor controlled long-life microswitches while the actual footswitches serve as mechanical triggers only. The Triage's input and outputs are set to unity gain while output is lo-Z to prevent signal loss in FX chains and long cable runs. Outputs 1 + 2 are floating and electrically isolated by a high quality transformer to eliminate ground loops (most competitors sell this feature as an accessory only). Since guitars need to be grounded for proper shielding output 3 is non-isolated.

When used to connect a battery powered tuner, output 1 can be grounded via a sliding switch. The discrete Class A FET input amplifier is similar to the input stage of a hi-Z tube amplifier.
Due to the Triage's increased power consumption the 3-EASY is not battery operated, and as most pedal boards feature a 9V power supply, it comes without a wall wart. Palmer power
supplies are available as accessories the single output PW9V, or the universal pedal board power unit PWT12 with 6 x 2 isolated outputs.

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