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KEF In-Ceiling Ci50R Speaker Brass - OBSOLETE


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The KEF Ci50R in Brass is now OBSOLETE, please check the other Ci50R colour options that may be in stock

Imagine a speaker that’s no more obtrusive than a standard 50mm (2in.) low voltage downlighter, yet powerful enough to flood a sizeable space with high definition sound and designed to smoothly integrate and architecturally match with existing downlighting. Impressively vocal and superbly balanced, the KEF Ci50R is a masterpiece of intelligent miniaturisation - and thanks to the design and specification of the drive unit, a deceptively accomplished performer in real rooms.
It is available with White, Chrome, Brass or Brushed Steel bezels (THIS IS THE BRASS VERSION - check other items on-line for other finishes) to suit your tastes and décor. As visually discreet as a speaker can possibly be, the KEF Ci50R delivers the listening pleasure to match its outstanding value for all but the most demanding installations.
Small is beautiful.

Features and Benefits:
Purpose-built for flush mounting into walls and ceilings, the Ci50R delivers KEF audio quality as unobtrusively as possible, and with KEF’s standard lighting style fitting, you’ll also find them amazingly easy and rapid to install.

Applications: The Ci Series KEF Ci50R is best suited for plastered or suspended ceilings where high quality background music and speech reinforcement applications require hi-fi performance such as:
Multi Room systems.
Kitchen systems.
Lounges, Bars, Boutiques.
Boardrooms & Offices.
or anywhere that high quality discreet sound is required..

note: Price is per each speaker and includes VAT.

Driver diameter

2", 50mm
Recommended Amplifier Power

Nominal impedance


Product External Dimensions (Diameter / Width / Depth) type 80mm (3.15in.) / - / 55mm (2.17in.) / 90mm (3.54in.) with back can
Cut-out Dimension (Diameter)
65mm (2.56in.) / 70mm (2.76in.) with back can
Mounting Depth from Surface (Product only / With back can)

50mm (1.97in.) / 90mm (3.54in.)
Frequency Response +/-6dB 2pi/open-backed 125 - 20kHz
Frequency Response +/-6dB With back can/rear enclosure 170 - 20KHz

Black/white 79 Strand Standard Figure 8 x2 core white Loudspeaker Cable. 100 m Reel.
A flexible speaker cable in a 'Figure 8' format with stranded conductors in a PVC sheath with marking for polarity identification.

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