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Tayden TRUE BRIT 10" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


Review from Norbert Marsch
Thank you, I tested the speaker and I am really happy now, completely satisfied with its sound, exactly what I was hoping for - I compared it directly with the Jensen C10Q in my combo and a 212 Cel V30 closed cab, the Jensen is a flimsy whimsy thing, your True Brit 10 sounds so big and fat, more like a 12" in comparision, and as if 50% louder, although nominally the Jensen is supposed to be just less than one dB less sensitive... And the V30s (which I never liked), though more powerful,sound as raspy and earstinging as ever, just like a couple of hoarse crows next to the TrBr...

Thanks again, I apologise, I kind of panicked, but it is perfect!
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