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Tayden SMOOTH 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker 16ohm


Tayden have developed the Smooth alnico uses a different design of motor and delivers a notieably less top end than the other Tayden guitar speakers. Tayden suggests that the smooth is the ideal partner for something like an old Fender Tweed Deluxe and I certianly can see their point. The Smooth certainly needs abit of breaking in to open it out a bit, but for that semi-overdriven clean/dirty dirty/clean thing that Fender amps seam to do so well, the Smooth is the perfect choice. If you are into the shimmering tone that Billy Gibbons got from a Fender Twin Deluxe on those early ZZ top albums the Tayden Smooth alnico guitar speaker will be just up your street.

Tested with a Peavey Classic tube Combo, 99 USA Standard Telecaster and Musicman Silhoutte fitted with Dimarzio humbuckers.
Date Added: 09/07/2009 by David Crombie