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Tayden ACE 50 12" 50 watt Alnico Guitar Speaker 8ohm


The ACE 25 is voiced to reproduce the warm and responsive tone of the original CELESTION G12 aka as the legendary Celestion Blue speakers fitted to the early VOX amps of the late 1950's and early sixties.
Indeed the ACE 25's motor is based on the early G12 and compared to the distinctly modern Tayden True Brit, the ACE immediately sounds more forgiving. Bash out a big old open G chord on the Telecaster and the ACE kicks out chest rattling growl that drips with smooth musical soundin highs. Good old Alnico!!! It might not be cheap but when it comes to sweetening things up, ther's nothing that can match the glistening bell-like chime of an alnico speaker. The ACE delivers consistently on clean and overdriven sounds and demonstrates a remarkably accurate take on the solid meaty punch and resposive feel is the hallamark of the Vintage Blue.
From Hank to Brian May, if it is the classic throaty G12 sound you're after the Tayden ACE 25 nails it.

Tested with a Peavey Classic tube Combo, 99 USA Standard Telecaster and Musicman Silhoutte fitted with Dimarzio humbuckers.
Date Added: 09/07/2009 by David Crombie