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MONTAGE THIELE 1X12 Front Ported Guitar Cabinet (EMPTY)


I had read great reviews about this cabinet and decided to get one, originally with the intention of putting a Fender 12" speaker I already had in it, but eventually I decided to go for an Eminence Cannabis Rex. The cab was built and speaker fitted by Lean in a couple of days, meaning I got my hands on it in just three days, which was amazing service (also extremely helpful and knowledgeable when I rang). The cabinet itself is exceptionally well made and even though the Eminence isn't fully broken in yet the sound is really quite staggering. I am using it with a Quilter 101 mini reverb the cleans are as clean as I have ever heard (been playing for over forty years). I use Archtops, Semi-hollows, a 1985 American Standard Strat, a 2017 Elite Strat and a custom Telecaster I put together myself about ten years ago. All sound fantastic (so much so I dont know which to play!). I would thoroughly recommend the cabinet and if you want a beautifully clean, articulate sound, the Eminence Rex too. If you are a jazz player, then you will love this cabinet/speaker combination. My Peerless Martin Taylor Virtuoso sounds fantastic, clean, piano like chords when played finger style and snappy and expressive with a pick. Thank you Lean for superb service and an extremely pleasing cabinet/speaker combination.
Date Added: 23/05/2018 by Greg Stacey