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WGS REAPER 55Hz 12" Guitar Speaker 16ohm


Review from www.mylespaul.com
I loaded the 55Hz and 75Hz Reapers in a 2x12 vertical cab from Mojotone and have been playing my Clapton Strat and recently acquired Univox Hi Flier through them the past week or so. Finally got to run these in a jam with no real volume restrictions so I thought I'd post my thoughts on them. These are definitely a great classic rock speaker. They have a nice "growl" to them. I was able to get some great AC/DC tones with the Univox. The Clapton Strat is a match made in heaven with these. Definitely pulls off some great Hendrix type tones. These speakers have great bite and a great low end response. They improved the sound of the Blackstar
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