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WGS REAPER 30w 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


Review from www.fenderforum.com
Trying out a Warehouse Guitar Speaker in my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe its the 30W Reaper all I have to say is WOW. I originally ordered the 50W HP version but this was shipped by mistake and I had to try it but I may keep this one it sounds so good!
I know my amp is rated at 40W and the Reaper is 30W but Dave at WGS feels the Reaper can handle the extra power easily, right out of the box I was satisfied with the tone the low end and mids seem deeper/tighter and the top end is not as bright as the Celestion G12H 30 but still very present.
Date Added: 19/09/2012 by Lean Business