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FaitalPRO 15PR400 8ohm 15" 400watt PA Speaker



FaitalPRO 15PR400 15" NEO PA Speaker
From the FaitalPRO Professional Series range, the 15PR400 is ideal for heavy-duty professional audio mid-bass-sub applications - offering tremendous value and sonic ability.
The 15PR400 is one of the best if not the best 400watt 15 PA speakers on the market. This versatile FaitalPRO delivers 100dB and a incredibly wide 35-4000hz frequency range.

The Ultimate upgrade for any 15" PA Cabinet or Subwoofer?

A great driver for Bass Guitar cabinets with a 35hz low frequency ideal for Bassist that play 5 string.

Designed & manufatured in Italy and provided exclusively by Lean Business, this FaitalPRO speaker comes complete wth 2 years warranty

See specification tab for technical details or Click HERE for full details, response curves and Thiele & Small parameters. (opens in new window)

Model: FaitalPRO 15PR400

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Nominal Basket Diameter

15", 380mm
Nominal Impedance

8 ohms
AES Power Rating


Frequency Range

Voice Coil Diameter

Former Material

Glass Fibre
Magnet Gap Depth

0.51", 10.5mm
Flux Density

1.15 T
Magnet Composition

Bolt Circle Diameter

374mm, 14.72"
Baffle Cutout Diameter

354mm, 13.94"
Speaker Depth

164.7mm, 6.48"
Chassis Material

Die-Cast Aluminium
Unit Weight 7.9lbs., 3.6kg

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