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Eminence George Alessandro A 12" Speaker 40 W 16 Ohm


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Eminence George Alessandro Signature Model 12A Guitar Speaker 40 W 16 Ohm

Vintage American ceramic magnet tone approved by legendary amp builder, George Alessandro. Well-balanced from top to bottom with tight, full lows, warm mids, and warm, but open highs..


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Model: Eminence EGASC64B
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Nominal Basket Diameter 12", 305 mm

Nominal Impedance 16 ohms

Power Rating Watts 40 W / Music Program N/A

Resonance 88 Hz

Usable Frequency Range 80 Hz - 5.3 kHz

Sensitivity 100.5 dB 

Magnet Weight 38 oz

Gap Height 0.313", 8 mm

Voice Coil Diameter 1.75", 44.45 mm 

THIELE & Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (fs) 88 Hz

DC Resistance (Re) 7.63

Coil Inductance (Le) 0.67 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms) 16.82

Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.6

Total Q (Qts) 0.58

Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) 44.96 liters / 1.59 cu.ft.

Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume 83.8 cc

Mechanical Compliance of Suspension 0.12 mm/N

BL Product (BL) 13.8 T-M

Diaphragm Mass inc. Airload (Mms) 27 grams

Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 146

Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) -

Surface Area of Cone (Sd) 519.5 cm

Maximum Mechanical Limit (Xlim) N/A 

MOUNTING Information

Recommended Enclosure Volume
Sealed Acceptable

Vented Acceptable

Overall Diameter 12.17", 309.1 mm

Baffle Hole Diameter 10.97", 278.64 mm

Front Sealing Gasket fitted as standard

Rear Sealing N/A

Mounting Holes Diameter 0.24", 6.1 mm

Mounting Holes B.C.D. 11.75", 298.5 mm

Depth 5.13", 130.2 mm

MATERIALS of Construction

    Copper voice coil

    Paper former

    Ferrite magnet

    Non Vented core

    Pressed steel basket

    Paper Cone

    Paper cone edge

    Solid composition felt dust cap

    Montage Pro Guitar Cabinets 1x12", 2x12" and 4x12".
    Montage Intro Guitar Cabinets 1x12", 2x12" and 4x12" Slant.
    Wiring Kit Parallel, x2 Red and x2 Black

    Wiring Kit Series, x1 Red, x1 Black and x1 Orange.
    Tayden Sonic Diffuser.

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