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CIARE CT440 60 watt 8ohm Bullet TWEETER



CIARE CT440 Super Bullet Tweeter 60 watt 8ohm

60 Watt RMS (AES) Power (with the correct crossover settings)
110 dB

44 mm (1,75 in) voice coil, copper wire
Mylar diaphragm
Lightweight Neo design

Ciare Horn tweeter with neodymium magnet, the CT440use a 44 mm diameter voice coil and 8 Ω impedance capable of dissipating a maximum power of 250 WAES (suitably filtered).The membrane of the Ciare CT440 is in Mylar, and the speaker develops a sound pressure of110 dBSPL1W / 1m!

Designed & manufactured in Italy.

See specification tab for technical details or Click HERE for full details, response curves and Thiele & Small parameters. (opens in new window)

Model: CT440

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General Specifications

Nominal Impendance 8 Ohm
Voice coil resistance 5,4 Ohm ±0,4 Ohm
Power handling (AES) (*) 60 Watt
Max Power 120 Watt
Voice Coil Diameter 44 mm 1.75 dB
S.P.L. (1w, 1m) 110 dB ±1,5 dB
Nominal Fs 1400 Hz ±100 Hz
Flux Density 1,5 T ±1 T
Crossover Frequency 2 kHz 12 dB/oct
Frequency Range 2500-22 kHz

Weight 0.75 kg
Overall square size 112 x 112mm
Overall Depth 68 mm
Mounting holes number 4
Mounting holes diameter 116 mm
Mounting bolt diameter 116 mm

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