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Celestion TF 1530e 15" 400 watt 8ohm loudspeaker



Celestion TF1530e 400 watt 8ohm loudspeaker


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15" driver provides extended low frequency range

3" edgewound voice coil enables 98dB efficiency and 400Wrms (AES standard) power handling

Vented magnet assembly for enhanced cooling

Kevlar-loaded cone with sealed surround and damping for reduced distortion

Suitable for use in 2-way and 3-way systems

A superb Celestion bass driver that is suitable for use in 2-way, 3-way and sub woofer applications. The Celestion TF1530e has extended low frequncy that enables it to used in bass and sub bass. The TF1530e has a relatively high Xmax that means it can be very effective in Bass Guitar cab applications.

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General Specifications

Nominal diameter 381mm/15in
Nominal impedance
Frequency range 40-3000Hz
Voice coil diameter 75mm/3in
Chassis type Pressed Steel
Magnet type Ferrite
Coil material Flat CCA
Former material Glass Fibre
Cone material Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material Cloth-sealed
Suspension Single
Gap depth 8mm/0.31in
Voice coil winding width 17mm/0.67in

Small Signal Parameters

D 0.33m/12.99in
Fs 40.9Hz
Mms 86.24g/3.04oz
Qms 4.073
Qes 0.376
Mmd 72.09g/2.54oz
Qts 0.344
Re 5.09Ω
Vas 181.72 lt/6.41ft3
BI 17.318Tm
Cms 0.176mm/N
Rms 5.433kg/s
Le (at 1kHz) 0.827mH

Mounting Information

Overall diameter 385mm/15.16in
Overall depth 161mm/6.34in
Cut-out diameter 352mm/13.86in
Mounting slot dimensions 9.4x6.2mm/0.37x0.24in
Number of mounting slots 8
Mounting PCD range 369mm/14.57in
Unit weight 6.5kg/14.3lb

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