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Celestion G15V-100 Fullback 100 watt 15" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


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CELESTION G15V 100 Guitar Speaker 100 watts 8ohm

With a larger cone delivering an extended low end response, the 100-watt Fullback has a big, deep voice, delivering smooth and expressive tones seemingly without effort. While retaining our classic, harmonically complex and finely detailed mid-range, the larger 15" cone of the Fullback shifts this characteristic down a register. Clean sounds are warm and expressive, revealing and enhancing the qualities of your amp and guitar without unnecessary colouration. Overdrive sounds are complex and musical; push harder for a weighty, contralto growl, with a softer, warmer mid-range. Incorporating an eight hole chassis, the Fullback is the ideal choice whether you’re looking for the perfect upgrade for your 15" combo, or you’re looking for an interesting tonal alternative to a 12" speaker.

Cut-out diameter 13.8 ", 351mm
Diameter 15.2 ", 385mm
Magnet structure diameter 6.1”, 156mm
Mounting slot dimensions 0.36x0.24", 9.2mm x 7.9mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD 14.6 ", 369mm
Number of mounting slots 8
Overall depth 6 ”, 152.9mm
Unit weight 10.6lb, 4.8kg

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