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Celestion G12H-150 Redback 150 watt 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


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Celestion G12H 150 Redback 150 watt 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm

The Celestion G12H-150 Redback has been developed for guitarists who are looking for extreme power handling but refuse to compromise on great tone.

The Redback is rated at a massive 150-watts, this Celestion is constructed with a supersized 2-inch voice coil and features the heaviest G12 magnet. This has resulted in a guitar speaker that sounds 100% Celestion in character, yet is primed to withstand a pummelling from a 100-watt amp head all by itself, and still come back for more.

The G12H-150 proves that you no longer need to choose between power and tone. Offering a tight, well-controlled low end, detailed midrange and more relaxed treble,

Celestion’s engineering expertise has delivered a truly high power guitar speaker that can still deliver balance, responsiveness and superb playability, with muscular ease. With lower power combos, expect tons of smooth, clean tone and don’t be afraid to plug in your favourite stomp box.

Thinking of downsizing your cabinet? Simply hook up a single Redback to your 100-watt head and generate giant slabs of frightening, monstrous tone

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Nominal diameter 12", 305mm
Power rating
Nominal impedance

Chassis type
Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter
2", 50mm
Magnet type
Magnet weight
50oz, 1.42kg
Frequency range
Resonance frequency,
Voice coil
Round copper

Mounting Information
Cut-out diameter
11.1", 283mm
12.2", 309mm
Magnet structure diameter
6.6", 168mm
Mounting slot dimensions
0.31", 7.9mm
Mounting slot PCD
11.7", 297mm
Number of mounting slots
Overall depth
5.4", 138mm
Unit weight
10.4lb, 4.7kg




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