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4 x Celestion G10 Greenback 8ohm 10" Speakers - BUNDLE PACK



NEW - The Celestion G10 Greenback is a 10-inch guitar loudspeaker capable of delivering classic rock tone.

By performing extensive listening tests with 10-inch Celestion ceramic drivers from the late 60s onwards, as well as drawing on the experience gained from the development of the original G12M Greenback, Celestion design engineers have created a speaker that remains faithful to the sonic spirit of the Greenback family. It has the same warm-bodied character and deliver tone like the distinctive sports-car growl that is the trademark of the original 12-inch G12M Greenback.

Featuring a new eight hole chassis that's more versatile for upgrades, the new Celestion G10 Greenback has been built with it's own green can, which should leave no-one in any doubt of this remarkable speakers family history. The G10 Greenback truly is a contemporary speaker with a vintage pedigree.

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Nominal diameter

10", 254mm
Power Rating

Nominal impedance


Chassis type Pressed Steel
Voice coil diameter
1.75", 44.5mm
Magnet type

Frequency Range 95Hz-5500Hz
Resonance freq. 98Hz
Unit Weight 3.5lb, 1.6kg

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