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15 2 way loudspeaker system kit



An effective, high performance and easy to build two way loudspeaker system for high performance in a very compact and portable enclosure.
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The kit includes x1 15W700 woofer has been combined with x1 ND1460 Neodymium Compression Driver, mounted on x1 XT1464 horn in order to obtain a smooth frequency response, precision directivity control and high power handling.

Unique 18 Sound Elliptical-Spheroidal waveguide technology assures constant coverage at mid and high frequency with precision and stability, and good array-ability if used in multiple units.

A crossover frequency set in the 1.5kHz range, yields very good power handling and operation reliability while not sacrificing directivity control and mid-range sound quality.


The enclosure should be made out of Baltic birch plywood (15mm thick).
The vents can be made with standard PVC plumbing pipe connections with internal diameter of 96mm, as described at page 13.
All the used bolts should be the M5 type (5mm diameter), 35mm deep. 8.8 steel type or better is strongly suggested.
M5 T-Nuts are recommended to be used in conjunction with M5 bolts.
Its strictly necessary to provide for proper cabinet internal acoustical damping with absorptive material.
High density damping material, such as Dacron or other synthetic fibers, is required for best performance.

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