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Tayden Sonic Diffuser for 12" Guitar Speakers


Tayden Sonic Diffuser

Better Dispersion, Better Sound
Designed as an easy fit solution to the beaming problems associated with guitar loudspeakers. All guitar loudspeakers exhibit a harsh presence peak on axis due to their inability to disperse high frequencies. As frequency rises, this beam becomes narrower making the problem worse. Moving to the side, the speaker sounds relatively dull, leading to a poor balance on stage. If the amplifier is set so it sounds good across the stage, it can sound harsh and shrill when directly in front of it.

The answer is the Tayden Sonic Diffuser which blocks these harsh beams and effectively disperses them sideways thus creating a more even spread of sound across the stage.

This intriguing device simply fits between the speaker and the baffle inside either a combo amp or separate speaker enclosure. It is currently available for 12" speakers.

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