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Tayden TRUE BRIT 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


I have been playing my custom made JTM45 ish amp with a 2 x 12 cab in my blues playing band. Originally I had some alnico speakers but for some reason I had to use an alternative, cheaper cabinet.
I found one for cheap loaded with a couple of Celestion G12T-75s. The Celestions are particularly suitable for certain genres of metal and rock music, especially with amps with a weaker low end such as JCM900 but for straight old school blues I could do better. Time for a speaker swap...
I always loved the sound of the original Celestion G12M so I went for Taydens take on it and after a couple of emails I decided to order a Tayden True Brit 25 12" speaker.
Well I have been playing today the G12T-75 / True Brit combo and my initial impresion is...
WOW!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
The Tayden is exceptionally good sounding right out the box. Beautiful high mids that make everything jangly, chimey and very, very 60's sounding indeed. Its controlled low end suits the 5F6-A circuit perfectly (especially with a set of GEC KT66s!)
Funnily enough, the remaining G12T-75 is not at all unhappy next to his new room mate.
Does the Tayden sound good? ABSOLUTELY! GORGEOUS TONE!
Does it get along with the G12T-75? YES!
I am a happy camper!
Thanks to Lean and Tayden theres at least one British company in 2012 that produces well-built, toneful, inspirational, cool sounding and affordable guitar speakers. Well done, Tayden!! Keep up the good work!!
Date Added: 12/05/2012 by Hilario Garcia Ostos