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Eminence LIL TEXAS 8ohm 125watt Patriot 12" NEO Guitar speaker


try"17 watts" by Mo Foster out of print but 25 quid secondhand on amazon...Best book I have ever read....get the missus to buy it for you for Xmas...

So there I was backing the dreaded Julie Rogers who was singing a medley of her hit "The Wedding" ...and unknown to me Jim Marshall was in the audience. I was playing a Randall Commander 2/12...and it sounded fine to my ears.

Jim came up to me at the break and said I should be playing Marshall and invited me to the factory in M Keynes....I said I was having problems with the Randal, so they took it to bits and fixed it for me for free!

I got a cheap deal with Jim for his amps, but didnt like them and in the end stopped using them...me, rather than the amps I think now.

6 months later Valvestate appeared. Dave Barnett talked to me about negative biases[which left me well at the station]....but apparently the Valvestate is the same as the well defunct Commander..which was,of course,a tranny
Fender twin..

So if you were suspicious...well...there werent many Randall's in the the country then, and maybe,just maybe there was a happy coincidence for me and Marshall. Who knows?

Thanks again for your help with lil Texas.

It is good to know a successful business man is as crazy about amps and speakers and playing as the rest of us...but then I suspect you are not so dusty on the guitar yourself!.
Best Wishes Richard
Date Added: 20/09/2013 by Richard Bowen