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Celestion FTR15-4080FD 1000w 8ohm 15" Woofer Speaker - SPECIAL


(FIVE STARS *****.
These brilliant Celestion 4080FDs are just the 'HobNob' of speakers and can take some reasonable punishment without flinching.

Just like in Peter Kay's comedy sketch about dipping your flimsy 'rich tea' biscuits in your cuppa tea (and them disintegrating), these FDs just look at you shouting "GO ON DIP ME MAKE ME 'AVE IT", and then they come back and ask for more.
For 18 months I've been driving my two FD 15" as subs (with a Crest CPX2600 bridged at 4ohms) in my humble 5.5k pa rig as part of my 4x15" bass end.

I even did four bands at a Harley Davidson bike rally recently in a 120ft Marquee where the kick drum and bass guitar pounded right to the back. I worryingly had to drive them flat out for that though but they still sounded 'clean and green' and survived the trip just fine.
(Though as a fairly competant sound engineer I was being careful there. So that is not to say that any speaker won't stand up to mindless abuse from inexperienced 'bass head' DJs who love red lights though).
So learn and know your gear's limits !!

I also have to say here that I like to use a dealer I can trust, so hats off and thanks to Nigel (and staff) from Lean Business.
I have to work on a limited budget as I build up my small pa hire business in this recession and he personally gives you brilliant, fast service and advice (with no BS) and does some unbeatable prices. What more could you possibly want ?
Cheers LB !! (I'll be back for more too)
Pete Downing
Date Added: 26/01/2011 by Peter Downing