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Tayden RETRO 55 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


This particular guitar speaker is a design unique to Tayden but is still based on a old F series FANE driver that is virtually identical to the FANE loudspeakers used Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. The Tayden Retro 55 has a slightly wider band with and more head room than the other drivers in TAYDEN's guitar speaker line up and it certainly has a very balanced sound chracterized by sparkling articulate highs and a very smooth transient response across the whole requency range. With more room to breathe, the resulting strident tone seems to give single coil pickups of extra beef and presence.
The Retro 55 comes as something of a plesant surprise; it still has the meat of a classic British guitar speaker but the extra headroom seems to level off the high end, resulting in a crisp lively sparkle which suggest an influence that is mor HiWatt than Marshall. Overall the Retro 55 offer a classic British tone with more emphasis on definition and detail than sheer ear blasting attack.
I used a Peavy Classic 30 tube combo, 99 Usa Standard Telecaster and 08 Musician Sillhouette fitted with a DiMarzio humbuckers.
Great service from Lean looking forward to my T Shirt
Date Added: 09/07/2009 by David Crombie