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MONTAGE THIELE 1X12 Front Ported Guitar Cabinet (EMPTY)


I really love this cabinet with my EVM12L speaker for a very balanced and clear sound that stays true to the amp output at high and low volume levels and works great for all electric guitar music styles.

As an owner of a 4x12, an open backed 1x12 and semi open-backed 2x12 combo enclosures which I have patched into the same amp for comparison, I must emphasise how much more controlled guitar speakers sound (instead of peakily bassy) at their resonant frequency which is in the bass range and usually around 50-100Hz (useful if you live in an apartment as these frequencies go through walls!) when you have a properly tuned ported cabinet vs open backed cabinets. Closed-back cabinets can sound "muffled" but the ported design does allow the speaker to "breathe", especially in the guitar-critical mid-range.

The cabinet construction is excellent and offers very good value for money in my opinion. As sturdy as my Marshall 4x12, not too heavy and with carry handle, PA pole socket and dual 1/4 in jack sockets for chaining a second speaker. The slanted bottom prevents unwanted resonance that can occur with square cabinets and adds the option of using the cabinet as a floorstanding back-tilted monitor.

The only substantial changes I have made to this unit (and I am an engineer with very high standards!) is to swap the plastic port tubes for longer ones (the optimal length will vary for every speaker and application although many speakers will be fine with the default ports, so this is not a criticism of the cabinet!) to attempt to down-shift the resonant frequency of the EVM-12L from 80Hz to be closer to 50-60Hz. I believe I used 70x150mm tubes.
I also added more sound absorption material to the rear and side that has the ports on it to prevent directly reflected midrange from "leaking" out of the ports. This is not really necessary with the longer ports but I wanted to do a fair test with short and long ports and I think you only hear the difference at low (apartment) volumes.
This was an easy mod with a heavy duty staple gun and some of the longest staples.

I'm thrilled with how it sounds after trying 8 different 12 inch speakers (alnico and ceramic, many celestions, weber, ev, jensen etc) but the upshot is that for a smooth cone Full Range Frequency Response speaker like the EVM12L (I find most Celestion speakers add too much coloration and work best as pairs of complimentary but different speakers not as singles), especially with the magnetically transparent basket, this cabinet sounds like the dog's bollocks to me, whatever my musical mood.
The only thing I would consider adding is a diffuser as these speakers can be directional and the front ports can too, but in my application this has not been necessary yet and this would be an extra item anyway.
Date Added: 30/01/2018 by Chris Gardner