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MONTAGE THIELE 1X12 Front Ported Guitar Cabinet (EMPTY)


Just to add to my other (Five Star) review, I should have said that even with a speaker loaded, the weight is low and this cab is really easy to carry about eg from car park to pub gig. I also forgot to mention that there are four shallow recesses in the top face to receive the foot pads of an identical cabinet meaning that a second cab would be held firmly in place. (I'm tempted!) The textured black paint finish will be easy to repair when the inevitable scratches that happen to any rig that's gigged happen(paint finishes are much easier to put right than regular fabric finishes). I'm really looking forward to our next night on stage now that I have no more worries about my sound. I should also have mention that you can hear easily that this cab is ported and well-proportioned. The Celestion Type A is not 'fighting' with its cab. It sounds 'free breathing' and not at all choked-off or asthmatic like regular non-ported/ closed back speakers. Someday all guitar cabs will be Thieles!
Date Added: 08/07/2016 by Stephen Smith