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Celestion Cream 90 watt Alnico Guitar Speaker 8ohm


Hey Guys,
Just received my Celestion Cream 90 and couldn't be happier!!!
As you said, ticks all the boxes related to my issues. The amp now has a controlled bottom end and smooth highs, but still maintaining a strong presence. And that's straight out of the box!
My main issue with the old speaker (70/80) was the difference in voicing between my Rivera channel1 and channel2. Now they match perfectly.
I agree this was a better choice than the Canis Major as in the end the CM would be too smooth because of the hemp cone + alnico magnet.
I have a Cannabis rex, bought from "Lean", which is awesome as the hemp cone smoothes the ceramic magnet hardness. But for this Rivera I kinda needed the alnico dynamic and your advice was spot on.
Thanks one more time for an excellent customer service enhanced by the usual super fast delivery.
All the best!
Date Added: 06/11/2015 by Gabriel Silveira