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Celestion Cream 90 watt Alnico Guitar Speaker 8ohm


This speaker went into my Fender Deluxe II (1982) combo to replace the original worn-out Eminence. The most immediate effect was that my Tele (stock recent Select model) suddenly sounded eloquent...single lines sounded amazingly characterful and Tele-like, jazz lines suddenly had more meaning, chord voicings went new places. Great to have the power handling (amp is only 22w but punchy on the Rivera-designed circuits), and haven't yet worked with a band, but the feeling is that the driver can handle anything easily and yet keep a sense of clarity, poise, and engagement. Really exciting upgrade for someone like me who thinks pedals are for cars, but i have to say that my Free the Tone MS signature o'drive was upgraded from single to double cream in front of this!
Date Added: 18/08/2015 by Tim Pells