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Eminence CV-75 B 12" Speaker 75 W 16 Ohms Guitar Speaker


If someone loves The Governor speaker like me then CV-75 will not be any disappointment. Great option is to blend the Governor and CV-75 in one cab. I have moded, very light but still great size INTR0 212 2x12 cab. Since I bought my cab and replaced stock speakers I thought there is nothing better than The Governor on the market. I still think that way but now I know that there is nothing better than a mix of The Governor and CV-75 in one cab. These two speakers sound killer. I have been through many Celestion speakers incl. Vintage 30 but only CV-75 offers me what I have been looking for ages to use with any of my Governors. Guys DO NOT THINK, JUST GET ONE AND TRY.
Date Added: 16/04/2016 by Matrin Wielgosz