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KEF V300 Digital Sound System for Television


Next gen approaches, and there is no doubt within the minds of many gamers that the FPS genre is the avenue that dominates the industry; more than any genre. As online multiplayer gaming continues to thrive and grow, the likes of Turtle Beach have capitalised on gamers demand for immersive multiplayer experiences building headsets of the quality of the wonderful PX22s. Whilst headsets have seemingly wrapped up the multiplayer market, audio for arguably more immersive single player experiences has, it seems been criminally ignored. In my personal opinion, the spectacular single-player worlds of the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series demand spectacular audio to match their spectacular visual qualities. With that in mind, allow me to introduce the KEF V300 Digital TV Sound System.

The obvious place to start a review of an audio product is of course with a keen focus on sound quality, so that is exactly where well kick off. The product was mainly tested whilst playing through advanced stages of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As a personal favourite, the title seemed the perfect test for the system, with its huge open world offering hugely varied sounds throughout as well as THAT soundtrack. Immediately the sound quality was improved dramatically, with the sounds of Skyrims many inhabitants always clearly distinguishable, something that simple TV sound is not often capable of, in the titles most intense moments. Gone is the deafening noise of thousands of species fighting for screen time, in its place a clear, concise and sophisticated audio experience. The KEF V300s excellent range also meant that Skyrims wonderful soundtrack was reproduced to a level that really underlined its epicness, something that basic TV audio cannot reproduce.

v3002Sound quality can also be drastically improved with the introduction of a connected subwoofer. Using a subwoofer no doubt adds another dimension by extending the bass and the really bring the booms and bangs to life. I would recommend using a KEF KUBE-1 or KUBE-2 (http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/kef-kube1-powered-subw-
oofer-speaker-black-wgloss-top-each-p-714.html) It is hard to put into words what a significant step the KEF V300 makes from base TV sound, but suffice it to say, this is how single player titles SHOULD be played.

The V300 is typically well built, a known trait of the KEF brand, with every component exhibiting a certain class. Aesthetically, this is a marvellous piece of equipment. Built to sit comfortably alongside a television, its tall, sleek appearance certainly lends a distinctive prestige to the V300, and with optional stands available, this is a sound system with a pleasing versatility. Mounted on the wall, or standing tall alongside a glorious HD TV, the KEF V300 cant fail to please.

download (6)The products easy set-up is another feature that will please gamers, keen to explore those huge open worlds, enhanced by the spectacular quality that the KEF V300 allows. To contextualise, the KEF V300 consists of two 35mm slim speakers, obviously designed to sit at either side of the television, as well as a compact and pleasingly discreet Activation Module, which contains all the necessary amplification. The amplifier module connects via a single HDMI cable to the television, from which time it is ready to go. A stunningly simplistic process with excellent results.

However, whilst the products simplicity is a blessing in the wider market, from the point of view of a gamer, this does create some compatibility issues. The product becomes heavily dependent upon the quality of ones TV and its capability to accommodate multiple HDMI connections. Whilst higher end products may be better equipped to allow such connection, typically less pricey options will only allow for one HDMI connection, meaning compromise on either vision or sound quality. It is hard to fault the KEF V300 for this, as it is a high end product and never masquerades as anything but, but compatibility is something that prospective buyers will need to consider.

KEF_V300_roomThe KEF V300 comes in at just under 700, an admittedly high price. However, taking into consideration the products fabulous sound quality, build quality and versatile appearance, as well as having heard its effect on a personal favourite title, I would say the price is well justified. There is no doubt that this is a high end product, and its price is reflective of this, but there are few sound systems, if any, that have such a profound effect on the quality of gaming audio.

The multiplayer crowd can keep their headsets, they are more naturally suited. But for the single-player community, this is how games should be played. The likes of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout deserve audio to match their imposing visuals and this is certainly the product to achieve this on PS3 and PS4. One for the Christmas Wish List? I think so. The KEF V300 Digital TV Sound System scores 91%

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Date Added: 28/11/2013 by Andrew Smith