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KEF M500 Headphones Hifi, DJ, iPad, iPod, iPhone


I am an unashamed audiophile. as far as headphones were concerned I was a BOSE man through and through. After having been sold a counterfeit pair online I decided to sample the opposition and I graduated to B&W P3's. These were so much better in terms of sound quality. I was happy until I read about the KEF M500's, the spec and pedigree seemed too good to be true so I did some online research. After reading everything I could find, I decided to buy a pair. I happened upon a company called 'Lean Business Audio' who were selling them at a competitive price. After having had my fingers burned with the BOSE and never having heard nor seen anything about them in my travels around the web I gave them a ring. I asked why I should buy from them. I got a very honest and compelling salesman on the phone who convinced me to give them a go. From that moment the service I received was second to none, it was refreshing to talk to Nigel, who plainly knew what he was talking about. Delivery was unbelievably quick and by the next morning I was using the headphones in the gym! Oh.....the headphones....they do exactly what it says on the tin, and more. They are very comfortable, they have a wide dynamic range producing a balanced sound that's neither too bassy nor too toppy. They are certainly the best cans I have ever bought.
Listening to the extraordinary voice of Jessica Leanne highlighted the accurate and detailed reproduction capability's of these KEF head phones.
I can recommend both the M500's and www.lean-business.co.uk. I neither work for KEF nor am I a salesman with Lean Business. I'm someone who's audio philosophy is that you get what you pay for, and these headphones are worth every penny.
Dr Mike Keen
Date Added: 02/08/2013 by Micheal Keen